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AmCham Families Together at Christmastime

On December 9th, more than 600 boys, girls, mothers and fathers got together out at the Mayland International Resort for the annual Inter-Chamber Christmas Party, organized by AmCham and co-organized by the French, German, Australian and Italian Chambers of Commerce.


Among the becalming rolling hills and winding pathways of the Mayland community, partygoers enjoyed live music, clowns, a magician, a sultry, whip-cracking acrobat and more! Carnival-style booths lined the grounds, giving kids (and a few adults) a chance to play darts, football, shoot free throws, play virtual tennis on a Nintendo Wii, and win prizes while doing it all!


Painted faces dueled with balloon swords, and many a Big Mac was consumed—and sometimes, all of the above took place within the bouncy castle, even. And the competition continued through, across and on the landscape on bicycles built for two.


The party was even graced by the likes of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Winnie the Pooh, all of whom spent many an hour posing with children and adults alike.


None of it, of course, would have been possible without the generous support of AmCham members Mayland, Pepsi Co., Carlsberg, McDonald’s, Heinz and Star Cruise Lines—all of whom sponsored this effort for the entire community, and all of whom certainly join AmCham in hoping to see you at next year’s Christmas Party!

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