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AmCham South China rolls out plan of action to balance trade and preserve environment

AmCham South China rolls out plan of action to balance trade and preserve environment


“Cross-investment for Global Benefit”






The American Chamber of Commerce in South China (AmCham) today discussed with the press its plan of action for the remainder of 2007 to stimulate positive, environmentally sustainable growth and bilateral success in the economies of both the United States and China.


“Following [U.S.] Ambassador [to China] Randt’s comments to China Daily on the U.S. and Chinese economies being closely linked, it is our belief that the economic success of either the United States or China will not only benefit the other, but also a significant portion of the global economy at large, which deals with and potentially depends on our two countries’ economic strength,” said AmCham President Harley Seyedin.


Following this idea, AmCham has devised a program of events under the theme of “cross-investment for global benefit”.


Mr. Seyedin continued: “Local investment—be it by U.S. companies in China, or by Chinese companies in the United States—will lead to greater prosperity not only in that local market, but also back at home. Furthermore, as our countries continue to “cross pollinate” each other with ideas, products and technology, our two economies will grow more diverse and robust than they would be without this positive relationship. This diversity and flexibility—the result of intellectual, technological and financial cross-investment—will play a strong role in our continuing and future mutual success by balancing trade in an environmentally sustainable fashion.”


To play its role in promoting this “cross-investment”, AmCham will bring together international business leaders through several major undertakings in the remaining months of 2007, with the aim of facilitating the sharing of ideas, goals and opportunities, including:





  • Co-organizing (with PennWell and the IPPF) “China’s Energy Future”: a symposium for 300 leaders and experts on clean power generation





For full event details, please see below!



August 27-29

AmCham South China, in cooperation with and support of the U.S. Trade Development Agency, will bring more than 100 LNG experts and technology vendors from around the APEC region to Guangzhou for the “APEC Natural Gas Utilization Workshop” with the intent of discussing and deploying clean energy technologies in South China, leading to multilateral gains in the energy industries of participating countries, and specifically China and the United States.


September 6-9

AmCham South China will lead a delegation of more than 100 U.S. business leaders to the annual “China International Fair for Investment and Trade”, where it last year won the prestigious CIFIT Award, presented by Vice Premier Wu Yi. While in Xiamen, AmCham will meet with national and provincial leaders from across China, and work to introduce its membership to the diverse opportunities for investment in China. Additionally, AmCham South China will host the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Commercial Service at its annual, iconic, September 8th Cocktail Party to present information and open dialogue about Chinese investment in the United States among Central, provincial and municipal Chinese government officials, as well as U.S. and Chinese business leaders from across the country.


September 15-18

AmCham South China will participate in the “4th China International Small & Medium Enterprises Fair” where it will work to gather information on SME opportunities for partnerships and business development for its members and U.S.-based companies, as well as assist Chinese companies in meeting the right people and researching opportunities for investment in the United States.


September 16-20

AmCham South China will host the U.S. Ambassador to Singapore and the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore in a 5-day delegation to South China. AmCham will introduce this Singaporean delegation to the South China investment environment, as well as relevant points of contact for future cooperation in the various government offices across South China to promote direct future dialogue.


September 18-20

AmCham South China will work closely with PennWell Corporation and the Independent Power Producers’ Forum on “China’s Energy Future”, the first international power generation and efficiency match-making conference to be held in all of China. This VIP, by-invitation-only event will bring the energy leadership of China together with the leaders of 150 major international energy companies to discuss energy investment projects across China, energy efficiency, and how best to conserve the environment while meeting China’s growing energy needs. This will be followed in 2008 by a major energy exhibition in Guangzhou to bring together thousands of Chinese and international energy companies representing the state of the art in green power generation. This event is expected to lead to imports of U.S. and western advanced technology for energy efficiency and environmental protection worth billions of U.S. dollars.


September 22-29

AmCham South China will host the Mayor and top corporate leaders of San Antonio, Texas—the 7th largest city and the 2nd largest tourism destination in the United States—for a week of examining the South China investment environment, match-making and bridge-building, as well as the promotion of the Port of San Antonio as a major point of entry for Chinese investment into the United States following in the footsteps of VTech, which has already invested in an billion-dollar assembly plant in the Port, leading to substantial U.S. tax revenue and thousands of American jobs.


October 12-17

AmCham South China, together with the U.S. Commercial Service and the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME), will co-organize the first-ever ‘American Pavilion’ at the “2007 China High-Tech Fair”, which is jointly hosted by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, Ministry of Information Industry of PRC, National Development and Reform Commission of PRC, Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, and co-hosted by Ministry of Agriculture of PRC. U.S. presence at the fair is expected to result in substantial U.S. exports of technology to China, helping to further equalize trade between the two nations.


October 18-21

AmCham South China will lead a delegation of U.S. companies to the “12th Macau International Trade & Investment Fair”, which—with Zhuhai—has seen tremendous investment by U.S. companies in the tourism, hospitality and technology industries, creating many opportunities for cross-investment, cooperation and friendship. AmCham will introduce delegates and other attendees to both local investment opportunities as well as U.S.-based potential partners and development projects.


October 23-25

AmCham South China will work together with the CCPIT Shenzhen Sub-council to co-organize the “China (Shenzhen) International Investment Fair”, with the aim of providing “opportunities for Shenzhen enterprises which hope to invest aboard, in addition to providing enterprises from all over the world with opportunities to invest in China or to attract investment to their countries,” where AmCham will help represent U.S. business interests for “cross-investment”.



For information on participating in these events, please contact:

Ms. Ava Xing

Events Supervisor

The American Chamber of Commerce in South China

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For press inquiries, please contact:

Ms. Jenny Lee

Publications and Public Relations Executive

The American Chamber of Commerce in South China

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This briefing is provided for informational purposes and some details, such as dates, may be subject to change under extenuating circumstances. Thank you for your understanding!


The American Chamber of Commerce in South China, 2007


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