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2009 International Spring Ball-“When East Meets West”

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“By the order of the Lord in Heaven His Omniscient…” with the background voice of announcing the imperial edict of ancient China, the 2009 International Spring Ball kicked off the magnificent prelude. Organized by The American Chamber of Commerce in South China, this international spring ball was hosted at the China Hotel on the evening of May 23rd, 2009, with great support from major foreign chambers of commerce in Guangzhou.
With the continuous prosperity and development of economy and culture, Guangzhou has become the fusion center of the crossroad of eastern and western culture in South China region. The international spring ball, which is hosted here annually, is the most popular social gathering among foreign consular officers, senior business executives, and celebrities.
For 2009 International Spring Ball—from background decoration to platform arrangement, from table setting to performances—all the elements of this night were just related to the theme “When East Meets West”. The whole event let all guests experience the unique, mystery and fabulous mix and match of the traditional eastern culture and western life.
The event venue was decorated according to Qing Dynasty, which is more familiar with foreigners. Five special scenes were set up at the cocktail reception area, including Royal Impression (photo taking with costumes of royal family of Qing Dynasty), Charm of Stringed and Woodwind Instruments (traditional Chinese folk music performance), Folk Acrobatics (Chinese “Yo-yo” performance), Temple Fair (Chinese handicrafts making) and Qinshu at Tea House (model Qinshu play). Once the quests enter the party, they would find themselves staying in the bustling imperial city where the emperor lived, experiencing the majesty of the royal family, elegance of Chinese folk music, as well as fun of performance of folk artists.
While guests were intoxicated by graceful postures of dancers and melodious music; the followed passionate singing from western band provoked the dancing desire of audiences. Guests who dressed in traditional Chinese costumes or carried small objects with Chinese characteristics danced up and reveled with strong music performed by western band. Wasn’t it another unique occasion of “when east meets west”?!
But most of all, thanks are due to the wonderful community and our sponsors that support and enjoy the Spring Ball every year. See you again soon!

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