Page 11 - 2019 Special Report on the State of Business in South China
P. 11
We urge the central government to create a new
judicial venue/vehicle where foreign companies can
lodge complaints and where the oversight is designated
by the central government just as it is with the IPR Courts.
Without concrete steps by the central government, at
some point, the pressure cooker lid will explode as it did
with the US-China trade tension. Until then, we must
brace ourselves for the next time the pressure builds and
another set of disputes arise between other nations and
China. The China central government must create greater
barriers that separate government-owned and partially-
owned businesses from low-level municipal judicial
systems. These judicial systems must be free from outside
influences so that they are able to interpret laws and civil
suits objectively and fairly.

With best regards,

Dr. Harley Seyedin
President, American Chamber of Commerce in South China
Winner of the 2017 Oslo Business for Peace Award
Awarded by the Award Committee of Nobel Laureates in Peace & Economics
Visiting Scholar, Jinan University, PRC
President, Allelon Energy Partners

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