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LEADERSHIP Iam extremely honored to be here in Guangzhou.
Although I assumed my duties as Consul General only
recently, I have been living and working in China for much Snyder on his fifth visit to China since 2011. The Consulate’s
of the past 28 years. Most recently, I served as the Minister Foreign Commercial Service facilitated the first-ever franchise
Counselor for Consular Affairs at our embassy in Beijing, where trade delegation to south China, which included stops in
I led negotiations for the 10-year validity visa for Chinese Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Over 300 Chinese companies
business travelers, tourists, and students. Since then, visa took advantage of the opportunity to meet representatives from
demand in China has skyrocketed, benefiting both American some of the United States’ hottest franchise operations. A large
and Chinese businesses. This proves that Chinese interest in trade delegation from Utah arrived in early September to meet
bilateral commercial and cultural exchange is stronger than potential Chinese investors, promote tourism, and explore other
ever, particularly in dynamic south China. opportunities for the Utah business community. I expect the
pace of these visits to increase, and the Consulate stands ready
Over the course of my first two months in Guangzhou, U.S. to provide support.
business leaders have told me time and again that their companies
benefit from strong government-business cooperation at Guangdong has long been a good place to do business, where
both the provincial and local levels. They made the point that win-win outcomes have been and will continue to be possible.
government leaders in many areas are receptive to innovative Together we can overcome existing and future challenges that
business ideas. I would like to build upon that foundation to impact broader U.S.- China cooperation. I have spent the better
increase cooperative links between U.S. companies and Chinese part of my diplomatic career in and around China, seeking to
partners throughout the Guangdong region, to create more build the trust and understanding which must underpin any
markets for U.S. products and to foster sustainable economic meaningful dialogue. I hope members of the U.S. business
growth. community will share with me their knowledge and experiences
as I and my team work to move our bilateral relationship
Interest in bilateral investment also remains strong. In mid- forward.
August, the Consulate welcomed Michigan Governor Rick

Charles Bennett
Consul General
Consulate General of the United States of America
Guangzhou, China

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