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China plans to continue to develop all of enough water, but there will be bubbles if
its major cities including the Guangzhou- we provide too much water.”
Macau-Hong Kong bay area and other
free-trade zones. American Chamber of Commerce
in South China president Dr. Harley
The two-month-long nationwide Seyedin said a large portion of the world's
lockdown has taken a heavy toll on the economic growth was driven by the
Chinese economy. It shrank 6.8% in the Chinese economy. “China has begun to
first three months of 2020 - the first time recover. People are getting back to work.
the country's economy has contracted There's a lot of employment that needs
since the death of Chairman Mao in 1976. to be created in the process. It certainly
impacts its neighbors in a substantial
Creating jobs has a lot of political way, and it will have an impact on even
significance for China's Communist Party employment in the United States and
leaders, who see employment as key to Europe as well," Seyedin added.
ensuring social stability. Some experts
estimate that roughly 80 million people During the traditional press conference
could already be out of work in the country, delivered by China’s premier on the
equivalent to nearly double the official rate final day of the NPC, Premier Li made
of unemployment. conciliatory remarks about China-US
relations despite growing threats of a
China’s top leadership reassured new cold war between the two powers,
both the domestic and international suggesting there was room for cooperation.
communities that it can tackle pressing “[We] can say that a decoupling of the two
economic challenges amid turbulent major economies will bring nobody any
trade and diplomatic relations around the good but harm the world instead,” Li said.
world. Stability is the government’s top
priority amid the continuation of China’s Dr. Seyedin said that in his opinion, the
economic slowdown. future of US-China relations is bright, "
There're always differences between two
“We have been saying that we won’t flood sides doing business together which is
the market [with excessive liquidity]. It good. Differences require negotiations. And
is still the policy,” Premier Li said. “But agreements lead to prosperity, cooperation,
extraordinary times call for extraordinary and better future for everybody."
efforts. We are now providing water so that
the fish can survive – fish will die without "Things are actually more positive than
they appear in the press," he added.

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