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22nd Floor, Guangdong International
Building, 339 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu Two Sessions Pledge Over US$559 Billion to Help Domestic Economy - Page 05
District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC
510098 Editor’s Note 14 US China Business Council Discourages A
Tel: 86-20-8335 1476 Premature Withdrawal From Trade Agreement 01 Remarks by Dr. Harley Seyedin, With China
PRESIDENT President of AmCham South China
Harley Seyedin 15 USDA and USTR Announce Continued
Allelon Energy Partners Depth Progress on Implementation of U.S.-China
VICE PRESIDENT Phase One Agreement
Chee Eng Gan 03 China’s Greater Bay Area in 2020:
Amway Opening up the Financial Industry, Promoting Community News
SECRETARY Integration
Thomas Podgurski 19 AmCham in Action
Royal Service Air Conditioning Cover Story 21 PepsiCo Acquires Be & Cheery
Tim Wen 05 Two Sessions Pledge Over US$559 Billion to Events
Allway Help Domestic Economy
GOVERNORS 23 Foreign Investment Law Webinar with
(In alphabetical order of last name) D.C. Today Huashang Law Firm
David Buxbaum
Anderson & Anderson LLP - Guangzhou 09 White House Gallery 26 PPE Standard Webinar with Qima
Joe Chow 11 USTR and Treasury Call With China 26 Education Webinar with AISG Director Kevin
Duff & Phelps 11 Second G20 Extraordinary Trade and
Robert Chu Baker
FedEx, China Investment Ministers Meeting: Remarks of
David Hon Ambassador Robert E. Lighthizer New Members
Dahon Technologies 13 White House Initiative on Asian Americans
Scott Liang and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) Successfully 29 Introduction of Monthly New Members
Apex Tools and Orthopedics Holds Virtual Events to Commemorate AAPI
Edouard Mac Nab Heritage Month Member Benefits
Mead Johnson & Company, LLC
Tom Pohl 31 Take it All with AmCham Membership Card!
Joe Rocha III
GreenPro Capital
Andy Rusie
Mauser Packaging Solutions
Tim Shaver
Harbour Plaza Golf Club, Dongguan
Greg Wong
Chief Editor
Harley Seyedin
Executive Editor
Yien Wu, Alex Tan
Contributing Editor
James E. Black
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Senior Events & Int’l Programs Manager
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Communications Manager
Yien Wu
Publication Assistant
Alex Tan
Business Development Director
Lizzie Qiu
Business Development Manager
Rachel Leung
Member Service Executive
Mona Feng, Rita Tan
Visa Manager
Fion Lee
Janice Huang
IT Specialist
Werner Liao
Office Assistant
Xiao Jiang
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