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510098 Editor’s Note Community News
Tel: 86-20-8335 1476 01 Remarks by Dr. Harley Seyedin 27 Common Prosperity in an Era of Wage
PRESIDENT Depth 29 Cross-Border E-commerce Empowering Dual
Harley Seyedin Circulation Matchmaking Meeting
Allelon Energy Partners 03 Top 3 Reasons to Invest in China in 2022 29 U.S. Embassy's virtual meeting
VICE PRESIDENT 29 Meeting with Vice Chairman of Foshan CPPCC
Frances Yu Cover Story 30 Opening of the Flowing Moments -- Lewi-
Amway Snir Collection
SECRETARY 07 2022 International Women Leaders Conference 30 New Consul General in Indonesia Visiting
Thomas Podgurski
Royal Service Air Conditioning D.C. Today New Members
Tim Wen 17 White House Gallery 31 Introduction of Monthly New Members
Allway 19 It’s Time to Get Serious About National
Data Privacy Member Benefits
GOVERNORS 21 How One Small Business Is Finding Workers in
(In alphabetical order of last name) a Tight Job Market 33 Take it All with AmCham Membership Card!
David Buxbaum 23 On the Passing of Secretary Madeleine
Anderson & Anderson LLP - Guangzhou
Joe Chow Events
Robert Chu 25 Webinar | COVID-19 and Future: The Pandemic
FedEx, China - Decisions, Direction, and the Future
Benny Chen
Procter & Gamble Greater China
Aaron Finley
David Hon
Dahon Technologies
Scott Liang
Apex Tools and Orthopedics
Edouard Mac Nab
Mead Johnson & Company, LLC
May Qiu
Nike China Sourcing & Manufacturing
Andy Rusie
Old World Industries
Tim Shaver
Harbour Plaza Golf Club, Dongguan
Greg Wong

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